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Sneaking vegan versions of food to omnivores

Okay, so I have made plenty of vegan recipes for things like brownies or pancakes and served them to my family. My mom is relatively open-minded, and she tries to be objective. She usually tells me that they taste just as good as a regular brownie would taste. Yet, when she makes the brownies, she still uses eggs. Why does she do that when she knows vegan ones are just as good? It's not even more work or more money to make them my way! I've proven this to her.

On a related note, my dad is not open-minded. If he knows that something is vegan, he won't touch it, assuming that it must be terrible without those lucullan, ambrosial dairy by-products, as if that's what makes the food good. And my dad isn't even big on dairy products in the first place!

Anyway, Thanksgiving is coming up, and I said I'd eat the turkey if my mom bought a free range one that I approved before purchase. My dad then said that we'd have to buy two turkeys if we did that, assuming that the unnatural hormones and such are what make his meat taste good. Well, he's wrong. I know hunters that say that the meat they personally kill tastes a million times better than anything you could buy at a store, and it's no wonder why. That is natural meat.

So, here's an ethical question, and if it's inappropriate for this community, I apologize, and please just refer me to a more felicitous one.

Would it be wrong to volunteer to prepare the whole Thanksgiving meal, and make as many as possible things vegan versions and use a free range turkey and withhold the fact that I've prepared the foods this way until after they eat them? Or is that dishonest and .... demagogic? I feel kind of like a cozener, like trying to trick people so that I can impose my beliefs on them. However, it probably won't make a difference anyway. They'll admit that the vegan foods are just as good and then go right on making their foods with eggs and shit, like my mom. So ... my cause is better off by tricking them just because fewer eggs and junk will be used for the meal. Right? Or what?

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