droxyl (droxyl) wrote in vegan_debate,

America: hell for animals, heaven for lazy people.

If someone buy animal-tested cosmetics, cleaning products and eat factory farm produced meats, they are a lazy son of a bitch. It is that plain and simple. Big farms in America conduct business in a way that would get them shut down in other countries. Companies like Colgate and Proctor and Gamble do nothing short of torture to millions of animals every year.

No, this isn't a picture from a farm in China.

These cages are what breeding pigs, which are as intelligent as dogs, are confined to for their entire lives. The only state that's made this unlawful is Florida. Americans should be ashamed.

America also makes it lawful for laboratories to shoot pesticides and drain cleaner into the stomachs of rats and other animals. Why, when so many countries have stopped doing the LD50 test? Because people who are against animal rights are lazy, that's why!

America is full of lazy, spoiled, horrible people who don't care about any animal that isn't their rhinestone collar wearing toy poodle. PeTA may be dumb as hell, but they're the only ones here doing anything about this.
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